MC10B | Monitor controller


The ELBERG MC10B is an ultra precise monitor controller, enabling listening to one or more of six stereo signals on one or more of four loudspeaker sets (via external power amps). The problem with tracking error (difference between left and right at different volume settings) has been minimised to below 0.05 dB (typically 0.01 dB) at any volume setting. This also applies to the headphone output.

The input selector consists of six illuminated momentary switches. The functions are logically controlled, enabling listening to more sources simultaneously by pressing two or more switches at the same time. A new selection will disable the first condition, and the new one is enabled. Four switches with the same logical function select output(s). The lower row consists of three buttons: ’CUT’ – which mutes the output(s), ’DIM’ – which dims the loudspeakers 20 dB, and ’MONO’, which is self-explanatory. Each of the six stereo inputs can be adjusted +/-10 dB with 15-turns trimming potentiometers, enabling precise adjustment within 1/100 dB.

A built-in microphone with its own volume control sends a balanced linesignal to the TB output as long as ’TB’ is pressed. ‘LOCK’ can be used for longer conversation. A headphone output with separate volumen control takes the signal post ’MONO’, but pre ’CUT’ and ’DIM’.

On request, the MC10B can be delivered with output for METER instead of input 6 (MC10B-M) and/or STUDIO (MC10B-S). Many possible options, so ask. A 115 Volts version is also available.

All in- and outputs are balanced, but may also be used unbalanced. Connect pin 1 & 3 and use as screen. At turn on and off, a relay circuitry minimises bangs in connected (active) speakers.

Each component in the ELBERG MC10B has been carefully chosen and tested to ensure perfect function for 15-20 years, and the MC10B comes with full 5 years guarantee. The Swiss made EAO push buttons have a lifetime of two millions operations while the incorporated LEDs will last for at least 15 years.


Frequency response:

20 Hz to 60 kHz (-0.5 dB)

Noise @ min. vol.:

-98 dBA

Noise @ max. vol.:

-93 dBA

Crosstalk between inputs:

-85 dB

Crosstalk LR:

-89 dB

Crosstalk between outputs:

-95 dB

CUT level:

-92 dB

Distortion @ +17 dBu out:

0.005 %

Tracking error:

< 0.05 dB (typically 0.01 dB)

0 dBu = 0.775 V. All XLRs connected according to IEC 268-12 (1=GND, 2=HOT, 3=COLD).

MC10B (bottom left) in operation in one of Danish Broadcasting Corporation's editing suites.