BC15 | Mixer


ELBERG SERIES 15 is a compact series 19” audio mixers, which modular structure permits any configuration with up to 12 balanced stereo- or mono modules. Its technical specifications and facilities make it an outstanding tool in situations, where extremely good sound quality is mandatory without taking too much of the precious space (19"x18"). Today, most sound systems have more than 2 tracks. Therefore, the SERIES 15 is equipped with 4 balanced and 4 unbalanced outputs. The balanced outputs can optionally be transformer balanced, enabling them to drive a radio station's phone line to the transmitter directly. The console is equipped with 2 stereo- and 1 mono send- and return system (unbalanced).

Two main types of input channels are available, each fitting randomly in the console's 12 input slots:

The mono modules include a transformer balanced microphone input and a balanced (electronically or by transformer) line input with separate gain controls. Optionally, a balanced insert point pre equaliser is available. The modules feature a 3 band equaliser with sweepable mid range plus an 80 Hz low cut filter. The mic input has switchable 48 V phantom power.

The stereo modules contain 2 balanced (electronically or by transformer) and 2 unbalanced line inputs, each with its own gain control, enabling 2 stereo sources to be connected to one input, selectable by a switch. In other words, up to 24 stereo sources can be simultaneously connected, 12 at a time selectable. The modules are equipped with a selector for left, right, mono or stereo, 2 band shelving equaliser plus the ability to phase reverse right channel.

Both main types of modules include MUTE, PFL (pre fader listen), BAL/PAN plus routing to outputs 1-2 and/or 3-4. Every pushbutton includes an LED, enabling a very fast read out of the state of the mixer.

Clear LED-meters placed aside the faders show the channel's input level pre fader. Four 15-segments LED-meters on the master module show the output levels of the console, and five 5-segments LED-meters show the output levels of the five aux sends.

For record players, an RIAA amplifier is included. Its outputs can connect to any line input of the console or external equipment. The console's "UNMUTE" function enables the channels' MUTE function to be remotely controlled. High quality 100 mm conductive plast faders (Penny & Giles optionally) ensure smooth and noiseless operation. An internal talkback mic can feed sends and/or master outputs. Built-in test oscillator for calibrating connected equipment. Two balanced stereo monitor inputs for returns from master machines or tuner. Several "jumpers" are placed in the console, enabling specific setups to suit personal taste. The BC-version is primarily intended for broadcast or demanding sound editing or recordings, while the EC-version (EditorControl) makes it possible to control MUTEs and faders from external video editing equipment ("sound follows picture") or computer.

To limit noise, all ELBERG SERIES 15 mixers come with an external 2U 19" power supply. The modular construction secures a high degree of serviceability, and the extensive use of golden connectors and high quality components ensures trouble free use for decades. 



Frequency response:

15 Hz to 40 kHz ±0.5 dB

Harmonic distortion:

≤ 0.05% (+10 dBu out)

Channel separation

> 70 dB

Noise (EIN):

Mic input:

-129.5 dBA (Rin = 200 Ohm)

Line input:

-86 dBA (Rin = 0 Ohm)

Outputs, all faders closed:

≤ -95 dB

Outputs, all faders open:

≤ -91 dB


> 76 dB



±15 dB shelving @ 10 kHz


± 15 dB (Q=1) @ 100 Hz-9 kHz

(only mono modules)


± 15 dB shelving @ 100 Hz

Hi pass filter:

80 Hz, 12 dB/octav - other frequencies on request

Tone generator:

1 kHz, distortion ≤ 0.5%


electret condensator mic - can be remote activated

Master meters:

4 ea. 15-segments LED (PPM - limited 'Nordic Scale')

Mono module:

2 ea. 5 segments LED

Stereo module:

2 ea. 5 segments LED

Effects module:

5 ea. 5 segments LED

Alle are PPM (Peak Program Meter ) '0 dB' = 0.775 V

Power supply:

external 19" - 2U


width = 19" (483 mm),
depth = 10U (450 mm),

height = 195 mm (back), 60 mm (front)

Inputs (max. in):

Mono module:

Mic gain:

+20 to +70 dB, bal., 1.2 kOhm, XLR

[+2 dBu]

Line gain:

±15 dB, bal., 22 kOhm, XLR [+22 dBu]

Stereo module:

Line 1 gain

±15 dB, bal., 22 kOhm, XLR [+22 dBu]

Line 2 gain

±15 dB, unbal., 22 kOhm, phono [+22 dBu]

Effects return

(2 stereo, 1 mono):

gain +6 to +21 dB (nom. +10 dB), unbal., 22 kOhm, phono [+12 dBu]

Ext. monitor gain (2 stereo):

0 dB, bal., 22 kOhm, XLR [+22 dBu]

Turntable gain (stereo):

36,5 dB (1 kHz), unbal., 47 kOhm, phono [-17 dBu]


Line (2 stereo):

bal., XLR

Line (2 stereo)

unbal., phono

Effects send

(2 stereo, 1 mono):

unbal., phono


unbal., phono


unbal., phono


unbal., phono

Pre Fader Listen (stereo):

unbal., phono


unbal., stereo jack

All outputs:

max. out = +22 dBu in > 600 Ω

0 dBu = 0.775 V. All XLRs are connected according to IEC 268-12 (1=GND, 2=HOT, 3=COLD).

ELBERG SERIES 15 complies with the Nordic Radios specifications sheets N9 and N10 (4th edition) on all major points. Other specifications on request.