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Master Comp

ELT has recreated the sound of some of the mostly used English master compressors through time. We have added a variable filter in the sidechain, letting low frequencies pass through without being limited. This is especially effective on bass and bass drum, giving the characteristic low frequency 'discosound'. Read more.


The ELBERG EQ2A is a stereo equalizer designed upon the mono version in the ELBERG 1073. It has a second order (12 dB/oct) low cut filter, adjustable from 40 to 400 Hz, and the four bands are classical in their construction. Low and Hi shelf are Baxandall circuits with Low frequencies 40, 80, 120, and 240 Hz, and Hi frequencies 5, 7.5, 10, and 15 kHz. Read more.


The ELBERG HP4 is a headphone amplifier with outputs for four headphones, each

with volume, pan/balance, mono, and HI and LO EQ. Read more.


The legendary 1073 mic preamp in an ELT version with sound of the 70s and an updated equalizer. Read more.


ELT launches MC10B, an ultra precise monitor controller. Read more.


The HM12 is ELT's high output headphone mixer featuring eight mono- and four stereo in- and outputs. Read more.

ELBERG in the Danish Broadcasting Corporation's editing suites  

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) has installed 13 MP2 and 13 MC10B in various editing suites.